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West Nile Virus

Are we at risk?

At a recent lecture featuring Dr Ritchie, this question was addressed. He feels that the benefits of sunshine out weigh the risks about West Nile, and The Bird Flu.
The Bird Flu is not here yet,and has mostly affected poultry and water fowl.

To avoid West Nile, he suggest late morning, early afternoon for your birds to be out. That is the time there are less mosquitoes.

WNV info:
Bald Eagles were one of the first species effected by West Nile Virus. Crows/Raptors/water fowl are more susseptable to death from WNV.
Condors were the first to be vaccinated before the virus jumped over the Rocky Mountains. It was a success!
It was introduced into the US in the 1990, by a house sparrow from Europe, and the virus is acutally HUMAN MADE.
It has been found that the African species of parrots are tolerant of the disease, and will most likely not die.
The South Pacific and New World Parrots are more likely to die if infected with WNV.
West Nile Virus is shed in bird droppings and transmitted through blood.
Best to avoid outside birds, and dont let them eat from any feeder/dish your bird might eat from.

Refer back to Backyard Biosecurity on the main health page for other options to keep your greys safe from cross contamination.