The Grey Roost


The Grey Roost you say? Just how did the name come about? While looking for a suitable name for my site, I wanted someplace the greys could call their home. This site features information, experiences and stories by my many friends that are valuable to others in the bird world. In the wild, a roost acts as an information hub to share the day’s happenings, stories and findings. It’s a place to gather, take comfort in each other, and learn from one another. I hope you will find that all here & more!

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The Special Grey


“African Greys are incredibly endearing and complicated creatures. Their strength of high intelligence and sensitivity can also be a weakness, if they’re not properly nurtured. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to be a good "pet human" companion to an African Grey, but any human owned by a Grey will tell you it’s worth it.” Maggie Wright.

African Grey Seminar

May 2008

Be sure to mark your calendars with the dates when Lisa Bono, Maggie Wright, and Dr Irene Pepperberg appear on The Bird Talks . You don't want to miss this exciting live webcast, and your chance to have your questions about Greys answered on the air.

Lisa Bono ~ May 4, 2008
Maggie Wright ~ November 2, 2008
Dr. Irene Pepperberg ~ TBA